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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Meet Giphy, a GIF-lover's new best friend.

A piece of cardboard paper has just sliced through your index right finger. As you suck on the wound, you begin to think of a way you can accurately capture the agony of a papercut with more than just a sad emoticon.
That's where Giphy can help.
Giphy is a new GIF search engine founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke. Its stylish, stripped-down interface allows users to search for reaction GIFs using tags like "sad" and "bored" in a large search bar on the top of its homepage. Search results are drawn from an internal GIF archive and come up almost instantaneously, thanks to a collection of static tiles that animate when your mouse over them. 

While the GIF resurgence has been largely tied to Tumblr's artist community, a growing number of mobile applications and websites have helped make the reaction GIF a go-to form of expression. Reaction GIFs are short animations drawn from films, sports, and television shows that represent everyday feelings. 
For example, one of the most popular reaction GIFs of all time features actor Michael Cera of Arrested Development walking with his head down and arms slack before falling on the floor. While fans of the show are well aware of the memorable scene, their ability to find that exact moment as a GIF in mere seconds is what makes reaction GIFs unique.

"Giphy was thought up over breakfast with my partner on the project, Alex Chung, while musing on the rise of purely visual communication," Jace told the Daily Dot.

"We both couldn't get over how cumbersome it still was to find and share GIFs, and thought we could do something about it."
After clicking on a GIF, you are taken to an individual page that includes a list of tags, the source of the animation, how many frames it contains, and the file size. And yet while this information is nice to have, it does little to help the animation addict on the go or casual GIF user who just wants to plug the file into Tumblr with a click of the mouse.
It's all about speed, said Tumblr artist duo Mr. GIF:
"I like how the hover to play looks, but if I want a quick GIF to send to my buddy, it's more work to find the GIF I want."

There are currently no share buttons featured with each GIF, no mobile site, or downloadable app. Where Giphy shines is with its user interface. With some more sharing options, it can better set itself apart from other GIF search engines like GIF Soup and GIFSearch.me.

"This could be really great for GIFs artists to get discovered," Mr. GIF told us. "Also makes browsing GIFs fun. It's all about discovery and entertainment and this site has it in spades."

Dual Sim & SD Card Simultaneously on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 step by step guide.

In the new xiaomi remi note 3 that is a great phone but a con is there that is you can either use a sim or a SDcard but here is how you can us eboth of then simultaneously. so, here is for you all a step by step guide.


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Top 5 upcoming Smartphones you can Buy in 2016 (Will change your Smartphone Experience).

Here are top 5 smartphones which are to be launched in 2016 at their best. These phones will change your smartphone experience. Have a look on the video.



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Here are 5 ultimate gadgets that you can use with your iPhone.

  • Here are 5 ultimate gadgets that you can use with your iPhone. so, watch this video to know those 5 gadgets as you will be amazed to see them.

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Here are 5 smartphones having DSLR like camera quality.

As per our Day-to-day lifestyle ,we all are seeking for a very good budget fitting smartphone with having a decent camera quality.So,there are 5 decent smartphones having a great camera quality that will easily dance in your budget.So,without wasting time let's talk them all about.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Pro
The very decent smartphone that dance within our budget is this. It comes with dual 13+5 MP rear wide angle camera (dual lens) one captures the picture and one captures the depth of the picture, also have PDAF and an aperture of f2.0 which is best for professional smartphone photography. It can shoot videos of 1080p with 30fps. Now time for the front facing camera that comes with 5MP WIDE ANGLE view that capture decent pictures. It is priced for $224 (approx. 14999 INR).
  • Moto G4 plus
The very adorable budget phone is this the moto g4 plus it comes with a 16MP LASER AUTOFOCUS rear camera with f2.0 aperture which is best for photography. Now the time for FRONT FACING CAMERA that comes with 5MP fixed focus but with a wide angle capture which takes decent pictures. The rear camera has the DSLR setting you can customize your camera as per your comfort and it has many of the modes like face dectection etc. It can shoot videos of 1080p with 30fps .It is priced for $224 (approx. 1499 INR).

  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note
This fantastic phone comes with a wide angle PDAF 13MP rear camera with auto face dectection and is very decent for photography with an aperture of f2.2 (lesser the aperture more clear the picture). It can shoot videos of 1080p with 30fps. Now the time for front facing camera that comes with 8MP FIXED FOCUS and wide angle view which is best for selfies and video chatting. It can shoot videos of 1080p with 30fps .It is priced for $202 (approx. 13499 INR).

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
The J7 (2016) offers Pro mode, but it's nothing like the one on the upper range models. It only gives you White balance, ISO and Exposure compensation. Essentially, the settings most phones have, but in a more accessible arrangement. The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) touts a 13MP camera sensor just like its predecessor. However, it's a completely new module with a fast f/1.9 aperture. In 4:3 aspect ratio, the camera shoots stills at 4128x3096 pixels. It is priced for $240 (approx. 14990 INR).
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
It is called the budget phone as compared to its specs it comes with a 16MP PDAF rear camera with an aperture of f2.2 and having many of the modes like auto face detection etc. it is also having the HDR mode and can record the videos of 1080p with the rate of 30fps. Now the time for FRONT FACING CAMERA that comes with 5MP FIXED FOCUS and wide angle view it also have many modes in the settings. The phone is very decent for the photography matter. It is priced for $179 (approx. 11999 INR).

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